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Admart Consult helps companies protect and recover assets by providing specially trained undercover investigators who work discreetly to ascertain information concerning problems in the workplace.

Uncovering Problems from the Inside Out

Often a company's management has suspicions that something in the workplace is just not right, or there may be concerns with employee behaviour. When properly administered, an undercover investigation will reveal more information than security systems or CCTVs could ever hope to uncover. Admart Consult’s undercover investigators can determine if there is reason for concern regarding:
Theft, Workplace violations, Fraud, Compliance issues, Supervision issues, Work productivity, Safety issues.

Acting competently, our undercover operative is able to catch the nuances, build trust, and develop leads that create a better understanding of the situation or the locale. Our covert operatives provide clients with the information they need to address a specific problem or to confirm that their concerns were unfounded.

Whether you are protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investments and opportunities, or managing corporate travel programs, you need to know what is happening now in proximity to your interests. Admart Consult improves your ability to develop pro-active plans that allow you to respond swiftly and appropriately.

Key Benefits


Undercover workplace investigations are employee- interactive. This method develops first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees.


Your situation may merit an undercover employee investigation when your company suspects that a potential or serious problem exists within the workforce. An undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving rumours, and exposing the guilty parties.


Within the company, only top level management, directors of security or human resources personnel should have any knowledge of the use of undercover operatives or of the investigative findings.


The undercover investigator should be placed in a position that allows mobility and access to suspected employees. Multiple investigators may be required to investigate various shifts and departments.


A multi-faceted effort. We maintain daily, two-way communication with our operatives to continually share and assess new information and to strategize our efforts. The undercover operative will detail all his/her findings in a daily report submitted after each shift worked. Close supervision contributes to the successful outcome of the assignment.

Our operatives will gather pertinent evidence of gross policy violations by engaging in hand-to-hand buyers of stolen company property, illegal activities, or trade secrets. When appropriate, the undercover workplace investigation is augmented by the proper and lawful use of covert recording devices, sting operations, and when necessary, with assistance from local law enforcement. Undercover work can be a vital research component in cases ranging from fraud, theft, embezzlement to workers compensation fraud.

We have enabled employers to improve their bottom line by substantially reducing losses associated with theft, poor performance, time falsification, product tampering, equipment sabotage and other forms of dishonesty and criminal activities. Some clients have found it unnecessary to replace the offending employees, thereby improving morale and increasing profits. Our unique, systematic approach has allowed our clients to enforce company policies without fear of reprisal or potential litigation. Admart consult uses a proven and effective process for all workplace investigations.

Undercover Operations |Work place Theft| Fraudulent Activities

Discreet undercover operatives undertake undercover surveillance operations in workplaces. Company Infiltration and Purchasing testing involves the use of undercover operatives to carry out surveillance or purchasing goods while working in many different guises which we adapt to fit your personal desires, we can work and carry out purchasing testing in various environments including mine departments, manufacturing companies, and distributor outlets, building trades, warehouses, and various office environments.

All the operations are focussed on being customer led, but we are there to advise clients when the need arises. Does your organisation have a particular dilemma regarding work place theft/ fraud? Perhaps there are some security or management issues that need to be addressed. Are your employees secretly rebelling against management? The only tried and trusted way to find out how serious the problem is is to have someone at the appropriate level to report back to you on a regular basis without the fear or trepidation of the consequences.

It is important that any employee investigation or operation concerning staff is conducted discreetly, lawfully and professionally. The risks in companies not approaching employee investigation issues correctly can be immense. It is essential that evidence for employee investigation is gathered in accordance with legislation procedures so as not to jeopardize the employers' case.
Employee investigation is an essential method to collect the necessary evidence required whether in cases of employee staff theft, collusion, corporate theft, corporate fraud, and breaches of restricted covenants, patent infringement or other disloyalty at either junior or senior level within a company. We can provide investigation evidence not only for criminal cases but more importantly on many cases, industrial tribunal and disciplinary hearings.

Investigative Strategy

  • Tactical Planning
  • Evidence and Information Gathering
  • Evidence and Information Processing
  • Submission of Final Report for Corrective Action

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