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Admart Consult uses a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manner. By using us, you can be rest assured that your surveillance assignments will be handled in a confidential and discrete manner, by highly skilled and experienced investigators. Our surveillance team of investigators will conduct a systematic undercover investigation that will allow our clients the opportunity to know the Truth.

Using the most advanced technology, and some of the best surveillance equipment available, our private investigators are able to carry out effective surveillance from either moving vehicles, on foot surveillance, and covert close proximity surveillance in buildings or bars / clubs etc.. (using hidden cameras). We have at our disposal cars, specifically equipped static vans.

We are able to initiate and complete the surveillance, gain the necessary information and photography and disappear without the subject ever being aware of our existence. This is of paramount importance in order to protect our identity and to maintain the security and position of our clients.

Surveillance is a useful tool to gather evidence for a wide variety of circumstances to determine the activities of a person. Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the clients requires. Our private investigators and detectives work alongside our covert surveillance personnel.

Why choose Admart Consult surveillance services?

Our surveillance operatives are totally discreet. The surveillance operative assigned to the case will use modern techniques and advanced technology to monitor the target.We are widely considered to be ethical operators using only fully trained and qualified field surveillance operatives, always with an eye to detail and to keeping your costs down but never compromising on quality.

Covert Surveillance

If you want results, our experienced surveillance team can aid you in dealing with threats of workplace violence, theft and substance abuse. Our skilled professionals understand the complexities involved in obtaining factual evidence in sensitive workplace investigations. Using cutting-edge technology such as night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS (Global Positioning System), and wireless recording systems, our investigators have gathered information to support an unprecedented 98% success rate in solving complex business problems.
To serve you better, we are able to incorporate pictures and video footage in our reports. Admart Consult surveillance techniques are carefully designed and implemented to lawfully gather information even in the most sensitive situations.

Surveillance services where you need them the most

Backed with many years in intelligence, investigation and security service business, Admart Consult’s surveillance services encompass short-term needs as well as a comprehensive long-term program, to deliver a range of audio and video surveillance service options worldwide.
These days, everyone has a camera, but that doesn’t mean everyone can set-up a reliable audio and video surveillance system. You need experienced professionals to ensure that the system will not be easily detected and that the information is being collected legally. No matter what form of a particular investigation is required; Admart Consult has experience in physical surveillance services.

Investigations in Zambia and abroad

With the ability to tap into our global network of resources, Admart Consult can get your physical surveillance program up and running quickly and efficiently in any of your locations around the world.
We pay special attention to all statutory regulations, as well as private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil & criminal liability). We are careful not to violate anyone’s "reasonable expectation of privacy."

What do we need to know to carry out a surveillance task?

We will need to know the subjects driving habits, we would require a recent photo of the subject places he or she might go, what vehicle the subject drives, where the subject works, where the subject is known to eat or drink, and any other information that might be useful to the surveillance operation.
As a general rule- the more we know about the subject the easier it will be to anticipate what he or she might do.Our job is to remain invisible to the subject and gather as much evidence and intelligence as possible and present it to the client on completion.
A majority of our cliental contact us with either personal domestic issues or corporate assignments andwe are able to assist our clients with peace of mind.

Matrimonial Investigation

Totally discreet matrimonial investigations carried out by trained cheating spouse detectives. Admart Consult can provide the truth about your cheating partner/ spouse by various methods including surveillance, PC or mobile phone investigation, tracing the other person. We understand it can be difficult to speak to a matrimonial investigator, but we are not only sympathetic of your circumstances but you can be rest assured the investigation will be performed in a professional and timely manner.

What about our surveillance personnel?

Admart Consult only uses highly experienced surveillance operatives that have completed extensive training courses. We have state of the art covert and overt video and audio surveillance equipment. We operate a number of specially equipped surveillance vehicles.


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