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The Initiatives involved in the performance of Financial Investigations are often difficult as a result of the fact that the required financial records are closely held, intentionally altered, hidden, or are benefited by financial privacy laws and circumstance. Commonly, one finds that the information is available but is so disjointed and the volumesare so great that it needs analysis, or more importantly significant interpretation.
Whatever situation you are facing, our resident financial investigators and experts are available to provide assistance. Should you require a financial inquiry which involves itself in misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset recovery, or litigation, Private Eye Scotland forensic investigations maintains the ability and background that allows for a significant difference.

The financial investigators and research analysts of Private Eye Scotland often work together to identify, trace, research financial records and information. The investigators will verify, scrutinize, organize, and then provide accurate financial information and summary which are understandable and presented in a form that is admissible in court proceedings. The ability and background in these areas has made us proficient in finding and explaining accounting records and financial information and as such sets us apart from many more broad based investigative firms.
A successfully performed financial investigation does require specialized knowledge and experience. Our financial investigative experts have the benefit of years of experience in reviewing financial records and in providing discovery of fiscal misrepresentations and asset misappropriation. This experience also transcends into areas such as bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, internal and external corporate fraud, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property. financial institution fraud, healthcare fraud, identity theft, securities fraud and environmental liability.

The computer forensics experts in our firm maintain the ability to recover and analyze computers for lost or deleted data, and provide evidence as to how to the computer was actually employed, at the same time preserving the evidence for discovery purposes. This initiative is performed in conjunction with the financial investigation experts to allow the process to be accomplished in a manner consistent with the scope of the investigation.
Should you or your business determine that there exists a present need for an answer to financial questions, or an investigation into financial issues or disagreements, Private Eye Scotland maintains the background and experience to assist in these matters.
Whatever your circumstances we are here to help, we use simple language to explain to you how we trace money and assets and more importantly advise you on how to get what is rightfully yours.
If you are in need of help have been mislead or had money stolen from you we are experts at retrieving it with a proven track record. We can also assist in helping you find your lost Swiss Bank Account so please call for commission only service.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

A financial investigation is any investigation into a person or person’s financial matters. It could also involve the investigation into the finances of a business or a private limited company. A financial investigation can determine where money comes from, how it is moved and how it is used.
The financial investigation techniques described in this module can be used in all types of investigations, and investigators are able to engage powerful legislative tools that target the proceeds of crime.
This module focuses on the knowledge and awareness required for a non-specialist investigator to use financial investigative tools, to understand money laundering, and instigate asset recovery and the confiscation of criminal property.

What is a financial investigation?

A financial investigation is the analysis of where money comes from, how it moves, and how it is used.
Also known as forensic accounting, this type of investigation is used in corporate investigations, theft, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, asset searches, criminal, and many other types of investigations.

What do financial investigations reveal?

  • Tax evasion
  • Public corruption
  • Health care fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Terrorist financing
  • Illegal activity

What happens during a financial investigation?

In most cases, financial investigations revolve around collection and analysis. The collection aspect involves searching through a variety of financial documents. This could include bank account records, bank account information, real estate files, motor vehicle records, and computer files. With your permission, investigators may use computer forensics to find relevant information. They will then analyze the data they’ve found, looking into where money is and how it got there. Because financial investigators are a legal, unbiased source, evidence they find can be used in court if necessary.

Do I need a financial investigation?

If you think that you have been the victim of fraud, identity theft, or other forms of theft, a financial investigation can clear doubt, provide proof, and, in some cases, recover your money. Financial investigations are commonly used in the following situations:


  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Business interruption and property claims losses
  • Business/employee fraud
  • Corporate internal investigations


  • Divorce litigation
  • Personal injury claims / motor vehicle accidents
  • Business interruption and property claims losses
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Other types of civil litigation


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