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Admart Consult is experienced in investigating fraud in its many forms. Investigating any form of fraud can be a very important operation ensuring that any persons or companies who are prepared to carry out misleading and illegal activities for financial gain are brought to answer for their actions. Below are some of; but not limited to the varying forms of fraud investigations that we can carry out.

  • False disbursements
  • Economic extortion
  • Bribery
  • Long term fraud
  • Fake companies / non-existent products or services

In addition to the above areas of fraud, Admart Consult has investigated Electoral Fraud, Benefit Fraud, Company Fraud, with results that have benefited our clients.

We have many years conducting Fraud Investigation and experience in the private sectorInternal and external fraud, with an expanding economy and a shrinking world, company fraud is a growing problem. We can help companies protect themselves against internal and external fraud.

Company fraud and related insurance investigations are unfortunately sometimes given lower priority by stretched police forces; we aim to fill "the gap" through speedy investigation and actions to minimize losses.

A private investigator working towards a criminal defence case will concentrate on finding evidence to prove your innocence, or to create reasonable and sufficient doubt regarding your involvement in the crime.
We tailor our services to each individual case, so if you’re pleading guilty to part of the charges, but are innocent of others, we will work on developing sufficient evidence to support your plea.
Our team of detectives has a comprehensive knowledge of police procedures, so if the correct procedures have not been followed, or your rights have been violated, we can use this in your defence.

We can assist in locating assets and recovery, therefore limiting losses and limiting damage.Our dedicated team of asset investigators & detectives are trained in asset recovery & asset searching, link analysis, fund traces and hidden asset searches. We are able to carry out in-depth legal asset searches and traces in Zambia and also worldwide, with this superior knowledge of asset tracing we are able to perform asset searches not only thoroughly, but we are able to produce reliable, up to date investigations with very little information initially available.

We are committed to personal service and high professional standards,with our extensive experience in the Investigation of all aspects of financial crime. Admart Consult has a proven track record in the recovery of hidden assets.


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