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Admart Consult is a Corporate Intelligence service provider that tracks and interprets rapidly changing world events, alerting you to local developments that could impact the safety and security of your corporate operations and assets. The Industry Leader in providing Reliable Corporate Intelligence.

Corporate Intelligence

Admart Consult uses specialist intelligence teams who are able to procure information from a wide range of sources. The methods employed are extremely discreet, legal and very effective. Our Intelligence agents are able to gain useful information about individuals, including communications, finances, life style, contacts, work and employment, travel and movements, personal status and much more.

Our Agents can procure information from all areas of Zambia and the world. We can also obtain Intelligence data and information from many countries worldwide with only a few exceptions. We can search into someone's background to reveal the truth about their past and present, we can obtain intelligence on the movements of people, we can access data to establish the facts, we can investigate calls and communications, purchases, travel, applications, and validate the information we gain before passing it back to the client.

Whether you are protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investments and opportunities, or managing corporate travel programs, you need to know what is happening now in proximity to your interests. Admart Consult improves your ability to develop pro-active plans that allow you to respond swiftly and appropriately.

Admart Consult uses methods that uniquely combine human intelligence with open-source feeds. This makes Admart Consult the industry-leading resource for delivering innovative, dependable and cost effective “situational awareness” solutions for your business.

Filtering Vast Amounts of Information to Identify what Really Impacts You

There is a mass of information available today. It can be overwhelming sorting through it, trying to determine what data is truly important and has the most impact. The highly-experienced Admart Consult team does just that for you. Instead of dumping data on your desk, our global experts interpret it to help you clearly see and understand both the big picture and the minute details that could affect your operations and its value.

Admart Consult is comprised of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in civilian and military intelligence as well as traditional security fields. You can trust our abilities to help you identify potential problems and then work with you on solutions for prevention or mitigation. When you tap into the resources of Admart Consult, you get the most timely and reliable Corporate Intelligence available.

Targeted Intelligence Reporting

After the information-gathering and fact-finding phase of the workplace investigation, we perform bilingual, local languages/English interviews of selected individuals. These individuals should have first-hand knowledge about alleged misconduct. In most circumstances we obtain written, verbal, and tape-recorded statements from those interviewed. All information is cross-referenced with the information developed from other employee interviews, verifying and confirming results where possible. This method provides a complete picture of the employees and others involved so employers receive a complete, comprehensive workplace investigation. We make no recommendations regarding discipline. However, the results of the investigation and subsequent interviews are provided in a detailed summary and a final report in order to assist you as decision makers with your decision-making process.

Delivering Information and Detailed Analysis

While some commercial due diligence companies merely compile public data, Admart Consult goes further by providing analysis of that information which can serve as an accurate, timely, and actionable risk management tool. We provide industry-wide due diligence solutions that are tailored to client-specific requirements.

Our targeted areas of interest include:
Mergers & Acquisitions, International Joint Ventures, Subsidiaries/Agents/Brokers, Clients, Charitable Donations, Ownership Interests, Identify Red Flags, State Owned Companies, Board of Directors, Credit Standing, Civil Litigation, Sanctions & Debarred Parties, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Licensing & Certification
Admart Consult’s due diligence investigation methods are discreet and confidential while reporting the details that matter. Our reports are never journalistic in style and include an executive summary for a quick review. Enhanced due diligence efforts may be scaled to cover specific client concerns or compliance requirements.


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