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Our goal is to ensure that we provide our clients with information needed to deal with their current employment screening, by using our best discreet strategies to collect information in order to solve your problems. By availing your organisation of our services, you will;

  • Identify the persons of interest
  • Know what type of people they really are
  • Know what type of people they have been in the past
  • Know their daily activities
Our unique ability to collect information from a variety of sources, and our track record in accomplishing what others cannot, makes us an invaluable partner. Admart Consult will conduct discreet private and corporate background checks on your organisation’s behalf. Admart Consult will conduct Background check which is a standard component of all types of private investigations, and is considered essential as a preliminary tool used in determining subsequent goals and or approaches.


Our strategy is to ensure that background checks that will be conducted generally focus on an individual’s history to determine their suitability for a job or a personal relationship. In order to determine if they are honest or reliable, and qualified for the job either professionally or personally. We will determine whether someone is an asset or a risk to your company or your business which is of extreme importance. Admart Consult will provide you with various reasons when conducting background checks as indicated below:
Associates or friends, Bankruptcy/ judgements, Civil court records/ cases*, Criminal convictions*, Prior employment history, Verify education, Credit history and more criminal activities, Fingerprint checks, Personal identifying information, Relatives and other references, Residential history, Financial history and other indicators related to assessing moral character

Admart Consult Smarter approach to Background Checks

We will offer smart and comprehensive background check that will enable you to focus on what’s most important — managing your organization’s risk and making the best employment decisions. Our innovative and on-demand solutions put you in the driver’s seat, providing you with the features and services required to efficiently and effectively manage your background screening program and make smarter decisions fast.
We are driven by speed, efficiency, quality and backed by most experienced investigators in the country. You too can depend on Admart Consult as your background check private firm to provide your organization with an intelligent approach to screening — one that will accommodate your requirements with ease while allowing you to make fast and sound decisions with confidence.

The Most Accurate, Complete, Background Check Available

It’s risky to make a hiring decision when you aren’t sure you have the complete picture. But when you work with Admart Consult, you clear away that uncertainty.
But, with the world’s most robust background check technologies and relentless investigative services (both digital and manual), only Admart Consult can offer total accuracy. That’s why so many Fortune companies—across all industries—turn to Admart Consult for all their background check needs.
You simply can’t afford a bad hire. Admart Consult background checks and screening solutions mean the difference between making a smart hiring decision and making a terrible mistake.

Why partner with Admart Consult?

Despite the claims of others, only Admart Consult can provide:
A robust, comprehensive criminal records search unmatched turnaround times – up to 70% of criminal checks are completed within few days.Total commitment to legal compliance, privacy and nondisclosure

Employment Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Records Check (Felony & Misdemeanour): Most criminal cases are prosecuted and stored at different courts. These cases are violations of criminal codes. We use this check as the foundation for inquiry into the applicant's criminal history.Criminal record databases are notoriously incomplete.

Education Verification

Because of the large number of applicants who make false educational claims, this search verifies that an applicant has the training required for the position being sought. It is also an important honesty check.

Employment History Check

Prior Employment History Verification is an essential element against negligent hiring (even when a prior employer will verify only minimal information). This report helps the employer verify employment history and check for inconsistencies between the information on the application and the prior employers' statements (dates of employment, reason for leaving, job title, salary). This report may also provide information regarding the applicant's honesty, tendency to engage in violent or harmful conduct, thefts, or other problem areas.

Professional Reference Checks

This check reviews information regarding an applicant's capacity to perform in the proposed position. It is useful in learning about an applicant’s abilities, skills, qualifications, work habits, absenteeism, ability to be supervised, honesty, tendency to engage in violent or harmful conduct, and other problem areas.

Civil Records Check

A civil case involves one or more plaintiffs filing a complaint against one or more defendants. Civil actions are typically classified by the amount of money sought by the plaintiff. Civil actions do not usually list a subject's date of birth or social security number. Typical information yielded includes case type, claim amount sought, disposition, and any awards.

Credit Check (special Credit Report for employers)

Credit Reports show debt load, payment history, and may include public record information (liens, judgments, collections, and bankruptcies). Use this check to see a history of possible bad financial management or significant financial pressure.

Workers' Compensation History

This search provides history of Workers' Compensation claims. It is useful in determining the accuracy of information on an individual's job application, determining whether the individual is capable of performing the essential functions of the job, and in properly channelling work assignments. Note: This search can only be ordered after a conditional job offer has been made.

We have the expertise and opportunity to use different steps and methods in carrying out background checks and achieve the required results. The deliverables shall be provided through confidential Background Investigation Reports.
What is included in a background check should properly depend on the concerns and needs of the employer and the position for which the applicant is being considered. Through careful use of the information provided by a quality background check, an employer can greatly reduce or eliminate serious legal and employee problems.
Check someone’s background or verify their past, employee verification. Our extensive in-depth background checks offer precise up to date information on people’s background and current circumstances. Background check and employee verification can be tailor made to your requirements, contact us today to discuss your personal background checking services. All of our background searches are carried out in house by our experienced and thoroughly discreet investigators.


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