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As Admart Consult we have well trained investigators specialised in retrieving stolen money, these investigators can do, link evaluation, traces and hidden asset searches around the country and the world. Our investigators use financial investigative techniques and tactics to find hidden assets using investigative searches no other agency can do. We provide such services for personal or corporations.

We have the unique capability to locate assets that have been hidden from collection in international "safe havens" as well as in local banks and other accounts. Asset searches are used not only in bankruptcy and defaulted debt situations, but also in divorce cases where substantial family wealth is being divided between two parties and other family law cases. Where collection of a judgment is involved, we work as a team with legal counsel to use our international experience and resources to assist in freezing assets for later collection. We are specialised in asset searches for corporations, governments and individuals, withthe best investigative skills and strategies in asset searches and recovery.

We have successfully conducted some of the most complex international asset searches, including identifying millions of dollars in sovereign asset search investigations. Working on behalf of those seeking to enforce legal judgments awarding financial damages or seeking the return of funds misappropriated by corrupt government officials. We have identified missing, previously unknown or hidden havens. We help our clients identify real and intangible properties,financial accounts, Business associations and transactions, contracts for future performance, accounts receivable and personal property of value.


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